Craft Talk

Non-Fiction Book Proposals and the Publishing Process

Sarah Lohman

You've found a killer true story or you're researching a fascinating subject and you want to write a book about it. But how do you start?

Led by published author Sarah Lohman, this workshop will set you on the path to put together a nonfiction book proposal, get your proposal published, and train you on the ins and outs of the publishing process.

In week one, we’ll go over how to:

– Develop your idea and sharpen your elevator pitch
– Compose all of the elements of a book proposal
– Find an agent

In week two, Sarah will unveil all the secrets of the publishing process:

– What happens when your book is bought
– The importance of fact checking and footnoting
– What to expect leading up to your publish date

And week three will be left flexible; Sarah will focus on any questions or topics that have come up along the way.

This class is for you if you are: a nonfiction writer or someone interested in nonfiction writing and relatively new at writing books and proposals. We will not be talking about self-publishing or publishing fiction.

Let's get you on the path to getting published!

Class Details

Prerequisites: None

Genre: Publishing/business of writing

Level: All levels

Format: Craft talk with Q&A.

Location: This class takes place remotely online via Zoom.

Size: Limited to 25 participants (including scholarships).

Suggested Sequence: Follow this class with Inside Book Publishing, which will take place in February 2023.

Scholarships: Two scholarship spots are available for this class for writers in Northeast Ohio. Apply by December 1.

Cancellations & Refunds: Cancel at least 48 hours in advance of the first class meeting to receive a full refund. Email

Tuesday, March 7, 2023
6:30 pm
8:30 PM
Tuesday, March 14, 2023
6:30 pm
8:30 PM
Tuesday, March 21, 2023
6:30 pm
8:30 PM
Class Level:
All Levels
All Levels
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Work with the best...

Sarah Lohman

Sarah Lohman is a culinary historian and the author of the bestselling book Eight Flavors: The Untold Story of American Cuisine. She focuses on the history of food as a way to access the stories of diverse Americans.

This class takes place remotely online via Zoom.

Cleveland OH

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