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Craft Talk

These are primarily discussion-based classes that focus on one or more essential elements of craft or of a particular genre/type of writing. Sometimes these are panel discussions on a specific topic (e.g., the nuts and bolts of publishing or writing genre fiction).

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Business of Writing

After NaNoWriMo - Understanding the Industry Before You Publish

Literary Agent Erin Hosier and Publishing Expert Brandi Larsen explain how the book publishing industry works.

Master Class: Building Character

Learn advanced techniques for creating credible characters with depth.

So You’re Thinking About Going Back for Your MFA?

" . . . From the perspective of a middle-aged working mom . . . I can tell you what I read, what I learned, whatever you want to ask in two hours . . . "

Master Class: Worldbuilding Workshop

Learn a variety of approaches to worldbuilding in science fiction and fantasy writing.
Business of Writing

Inside Book Publishing

Learn how to put the finishing touches on your query letters and book proposals.
Business of Writing
3/7, 3/14, & 3/21

Non-Fiction Book Proposals and the Publishing Process

This workshop will set you on the path to put together a nonfiction book proposal, get your proposal published, and train you on the publishing process.

Techniques in Speculative Short Fiction

In this class, we will focus on developing our own short fiction by critically reading the six Nebula finalists in the short story category.

Funny Business: How to Write Humorously

We will examine what makes something funny, such as word choice, repetition, and stealing it from Reddit, and look at some of the masters of the craft.