Cleveland Humanities Festival

Crossing Borders: Immigrant Narratives Recap

​This past weekend Lit Cleveland helped kick off the  2017 Cleveland Humanities Festival with Crossing Borders: Immigrant Narratives. Crossing Borders was a two night staged dramitic reading directed by Marc Moritz starring Tim Keo, Leilani Barrett, Rocky Encalada, Tina Stump and Peggy Sullivan with music by Mike Bloom. The script was comprised of submissions from Lit Cle members and residents of Northeast Ohio. Both night were well attended with over 150 people on Saturday and just over 100 on Sunday. Stories included Thrity Umrigar's "American Promise", Daniel Gray-Kontar's "Genesis", Hathaway Brown Student Crystal Zhao's "Food and Family", and Amy Breau's  "My Acadia". Below are the links to video from both nights courtesy of Catherine Young and the Cleveland Public Library.

From left to right: Susan Petrone (Lit Cle Board President); Mike Bloom; Peggy Sullivan; Director Marc Moritz; Tim Keo; Tina Stump; Leilani Barrett; Rocky Encalada; and Lit Cle Director Lee Chilcote
Having fun in the green room pre-show
Actress Peggy Sullivan collecting donations for Lit Cle