The Future Is in Color: Intro to Afrofuturism


As part of Literary Cleveland's new Amplify Projects series, we offered a free class on Afrofuturism taught by writer and spring intern Isaiah Hunt.

In a world where the future is now, Afrofuturism blends black culture and sci-fi themes into one beautiful genre. It has been seen in the works of recent hit movies Get Out and Black Panther, and the popular TV show Lovecraft Country. But where did Afrofuturism begin? How does it differ from science fiction? In this class, we will traverse the history of Afrofuturism and challenge our perception of sci-fi in a new way. From dark dystopias to black utopias, we’ll explore authors such as W.E.B. Dubois, Octavia Butler, Sun Ra, and other black sci-fi writers who’ve taken their stories to the stars and introduced the idea that the future is in color. It’s time for tomorrow’s fiction to celebrate blackness.

The Future Is in Color: Intro to Afrofuturism with Isaiah Hunt was held Monday, March 22. This free class has since been expanded and offered with Cuyahoga County Public Library and Elizabeth's Bookshop and Writing Center.

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