How Storytelling Can Lead to Social Change

Using personal narratives as a catalyst for collective social impact, Asian American creatives and change-makers from OPAWL - Building AAPI Feminist Leadership and OBG - will share innovative, disruptive, movement building projects that re-write and challenge the dominant cultural narratives that shape our world.

Centering the voices of women and gender expansive leaders, activists, artists, educators, and writers Dr. Naazneen Diwan, Jing Lauengco, and Emily Hanako Momohara, this powerful panel explores the practices of AAPI creativity, intersectionality, grassroots community organizing, and resilience that uplift immigrant stories to create social and political change. Sponsored by Loganberry Books.


Dr. Naazneen Diwan, Jing Lauengco, Emily Hanako Momohara



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