Inkubator Collaborative Writing

Rising Sun/Eclipse of Luna

Rising Sun/Eclipse of Luna

Everyday a

concert of

tweets praise

the rising sun.


Today, I rise

with purpose.  

My peace is



I swim against

the stream.

After the concert,

under a laughing moon,


God’s smiles watch over me.


When the

quiet light

of the

clear moon

is eclipsed,


and the

slow, relentless


ambiguity slips

across the brow,


the dark of

the coming cloud

dimsthe sure

white of the

very face of night


and all certainty is lost.


Eyes wide with dread,

she lies uneasy

beneath the shadow,

and it pains us.


We cry, mourn,


But the lady

does not fail.


The journey has

a course and

certainty must

spend itself and pale,


suspend itself

in the night

of ambiguity

andpay the

price of the pearl.

Edited by Venus Davis. Words by Cheryl Fields and Lou Brodnik.