Spring 2023 Internship/Amplify Reflections

Divorce is a Cleveland Winter

Divorce is a Cleveland Winter

Mansa L. Bey

At its coldest,
the orange sunset
sets the same,
on our greyest of days.
Blue water still waves
beneath the frozen lake.

The seagulls still fly by
on the horizon high,
letting this cold world
lift them through the sky.

The snow drifts fill-In
the spaces between
the heavy boulders,
no one is colder
than the man I’ve seen,

standing out on the lake
with no escape,
where the surface
is fragile and about to

Author Bio

Mansa Lamont Bey is a Moorish American poet and writer from Cleveland, Ohio, who is dedicated to using the literary arts as a means to encourage literacy, personal growth, and community development.