From the Anthology 

Black Women Coping in Cleveland

The Sorrow of Question

by Brittany Ervin

Poem #1:

Emotional drought
soul is dry
my tears will water it
once more

Poem #2:

The past is right at home
The present
lost in its obscurity
Blight is the comfort food
When will I find home again?

Poem #3:

No anchor at sea
Set adrift upon memory bliss
of what this city used to be

streamlined to exclusivity
baited only to be thrown back

Lost identity
like blank pages
no words written for me

Missing puzzle pieces
once connected to communities

Message in a bottle
Will anyone read my SOS?

Author Bio

Brittany Ervin (also known as Miss Brit) is a self-published author, speaker and creative. She also facilitates motivational and writing workshops. She's also obtained certifications from Yale University in Psychology and California Institute of the Arts for writing. You can check out her website at Brittany is a Cleveland native from Northeast Ohio.