From the Anthology 

Veterans’ Voices


Karena Burke

How long are you going to take? 

Will you suddenly appear or sham until our wake?

I am so tired of these crazy fakes!

With their side-eye, neck-rolling, tooth-sucking ways!

Truly, I see their serpent ways, how they slither, and smile.

They want no good for me! Why is that?

Did I smile too bright?

Was I too supportive and loyal for their fight? 

Newsflash, these other chicks ain’t loyal!


Where are you? Come and see about me!

You will fall for me because I truly do care.

I’ll help you find me; don’t search anywhere.

I am here, within. Sistergirlfriend!!! 

Waiting a whole lifetime for you

To come and see about me.

Tears would stroll down my face.

Don’t change us. How could you ever?

This is the first time you’ve heard from me in a while. 

I’d allow you to ask everyone while I stayed silent,

Waiting with imperfect patience

For the day you search within.

That day has come, “Now listen,

I am here to respond.”

Yes, I was cross, thinking it all a loss.

Thankful, you’re now ready to discover me also. 

“Yes,” is my reply. “Of course, I still love you, 

Sistergirlfriend, let’s give us a try.”