From the Anthology 

Breaking the Silence


by Barbara Marie Minney

I stroll alone

along serene streamers of snow

slithering toward the end of time

beneath a sapphire canopy

a diamond coated hickory tree

sturdy and majestic

standing defiant against the cold

one day sliding into another

like a base runner tumbling into home

You look so delicate

when you’re dreaming

while I feel so empty

justification is just another

word for excuse

my goblet overflows with excuses

     fuck justification

     and the apology it sailed in on

redemption and salvation are better left to God

All I want is to be loved

for you to understand

my body is a woman’s body

and part of it is my penis

Author Bio

Barbara Marie Minney writes personal and emotional poetry that describes her feelings, thoughts, and passions while struggling to live her truth as a transgender woman. She began her transition to living authentically as the woman that she now knows she was meant to be at the age of 63 after repressing her true gender identity for over 60 years. Barbara’s work has been published in the "50th Anniversary Hessler Street Fair Poetry Anthology," "Women Speak: Volumes 5 and 6: Women of Appalachia Project," "The Gasconade Review Presents: Ladies' Night," "Woman Scream: The International Poetry Anthology of Female Voices," "Voices of Real 4,” “For A Better World 2020: Poems and Drawings on Peace and Justice,” “Wicked Gay Ways Summer 2020 Issue and Winter 2021 Issue," "Pluviophile: Digital Mental Health Anthology," and The Buckeye Flame. Barbara’s first book of poetry, If There’s No Heaven, was the winner of the 2020 Poetry Is Life Book Award and was published in May of 2020 by Poetry Is Life Publishing. It was selected by the Akron Beacon Journal as a Best Northeast Ohio Book in 2020. Barbara lives in Tallmadge, Ohio, with her wife of 40 years and a menagerie of stuffed animals. You can follow Barbara at