From the Anthology 

Breaking the Silence


by Dany Jackson

c-side sediment is

reverse c-section is

burial womb in the dinghy is

sliced subcutaneous is

acclimating to belly barometrics is

strict amniotic diet is

my vision going first is

floating in salty froth is

burping my names away is

sustained leeching my

m.o. at this point?

I sit b-side see-through firetrucks.

share palm sweat with dead

& dead-to-me friends

who spit accolades

like cheery cherry pits

yet they feel more

aristocratic circlejerkish.

& buddy, you’re gonna

throw out your back

with all that posturing.

& baby, we can’t cultivate

real love outta heterobonepiles.

can’t d-side no just get my good angle get my fuchsia velcro rollers not limoncello those ones are puny no I

need the biggest curls that bounce candid sticky off these spaghetti straps spinning sipping fractalade in

frosted mugs on the veranda neighbors catching glances of my shimmy & shatter !

Author Bio

Dany Jackson (they/them) is an agender, queer anarchist hailing from Lakewood, Ohio. They’re currently finishing up a Bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Affairs with a focus in Environmental Policy from Cleveland State University. And flirting with their sketchbook. Their poem “la douleur exquise'' appears in Bad Pony.