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@NahomysLibrary for Literary Cleveland

@NahomysLibrary for Literary Cleveland is a series of BookTube/Bookstagram videos promoting reading, writing, and the use of social media to build literacy and furthering the Lit's mission to place power into the hands of marginalized people and communities, giving them the platform to tell their own stories on their own terms.


The video series was created by Nahomy Ortiz, creator of @NahomysLibrary and a participant in the internship program at Literary Cleveland, as part of our ongoing Amplify Voices series. This series was designed to empower, uplift, and celebrate communities by giving them the platform to tell their own terms.

@NahomysLibrary for Literary Cleveland combines Nahomy's experience as a dedicated digital creator and skill for creating literary-based content to realize a vision for broadening the content of the Amplify message and size and diversity of Lit Cleveland's online community.

6 Amazing Books by Latinx Authors YOU SHOULD READ video thumbnail

@NahomysLibrary for Literary Cleveland

Click the links below to watch Nahomy's Amplify videos on the Literary Cleveland YouTube Channel:

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"Spring Events for Writers and Bookworms ft. NahomysLibrary"

"Broaden Your Bookshelf #BookRecommendations | Loganberry Reading Challenge ft. @NahomysLibrary"

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