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Using Poetry to Address Social Issues

D.L. Ware

From the Griot to the Bard, the Troubadour to the M.C., the power of the spoken word lies in its ability to write and recite a perspective in rhythm with a purpose to uplift the masses. Using poetry’s capacity to respond to and influence social movements as its starting point, this workshop will inform, engage, and inspire participants through written and spoken words of poetry. Participants will review notable American poets, explore various poetic forms and devices, create, share, and receive feedback on original work, and discuss possibilities for publishing.

Using Poetry to Address Social Issues takes place Sat. 6/22 from 10a-12p at University Circle's United Methodist Church, 1919 East 107th Street, Cleveland.

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D.L. Ware

D.L. Ware is a community based poet, literacy advocate, and literary artist in Southeast Cleveland’s Buckeye, Woodland Hills, and Mt. Pleasant neighborhoods. Since 2010, D.L. Ware has used his love for the literary arts as means to bring communities together. He has a Masters of English with a concentration in poetry from CSU. Husband and father of 3 boys, D.L. finds the act of writing to be healthy and therapeutic and makes time to write daily.

University Circle United Methodist Church

1919 East 107th Street, Cleveland OH 44106

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